Drought Relief / Climate Control and Reversal

Drought Relief / Climate Control and Reversal

The Plan

Drought Relief:

The Plan is showing 1 billion farmers how to make bio-charcoal from their waste, to put in their soil to hold water and minerals. This will help them have a crop with less water, have increased harvest yields, farm in sand dunes to feed billions more.

Climate Impacts: (Net 0% within 20 years)

The farmers would avoid CO2 emissions from decaying biomass (our Natural Footprint). The scaling up of biochar can surpass current Fossil Extractions within 20 years. Fossil Energy companies can help farmers distill biomass to produce biochar - sharing profits with farmers from extra agricultural yields (while obtaining Carbon Credits).

Communications: a Billion Handshakes

The farmers will be reached by relatives and friends contacted through universities, colleges and schools. Communications will connect the farmers with the information they need to know to make and use biochar. The BIG Agriculture companies are being reached through our network of members (CWB).

Alternate approach in case Fossil Reduction is insufficient

- Intro
(OCCS = Organic CCS)
(Executive Summary: Anthropogenic Sequestration )

- Biochar Calculator
(Biochar Calculator)
(Sequestration Potential using Biochar)

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