Climate Initiatives

Drought Relief / Climate Control And Reversal

We believe that farmers (Agriculture) can make better use of their available water, while sequestering huge quantities of carbon.

The focus of this project is "Solutions for Drought". Drought is one of the major effects of our changing climate. We will promote Biochar for its ability to hold water, so Agriculture can maintain its historic levels with less water. As global populations increase, we will need to farm new areas that are currently arid and desertic. Biochar creates soils that deliver higher water efficiency to feed billions more.

Impact on Climate Control

Biochar made from biomass that would decay otherwise, stabilizes and sequesters carbon and it helps retain water. The more we relieve Drought, the more naturally occuring CO2 is reduced.

OCCS: Organic Carbon Capture and Sequestration

We are investigating, supporting, and spreading technologies that produce and use biochar in Agriculture.

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