Paris Accord 3%

The Paris Agreement only focused on Human CO2 emissions producing only 3% of all CO2 emissions.

The other CO2 emissions

Putting Biochar (made from ephemeral biomass) in poor dry soil retains water (solving drought) increasing yields (motivation), growing food in deserts to feed billions more, creating wealth where none was before ...

"Creating Economy while Putting Carbon Back in the Ground"
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Paris Accord 3%

The Paris Accord is trying to micro-manage Human CO2 Emissions which ONLY represent 3% of all CO2 emissions. Nature makes about 97% of all CO2 emissions -(termites: nearly 1%, about a third of Humans.).

The real solution is not to crush our existing economy based on fossil fuel, but to create a whole new layer on top: the Carbon Negative Economy. This economy is carbon negative because it makes MONEY while it puts carbon back in the mine (ground). (Taxable Economy)

If we help Nature avoid emitting 3% of its 97%, then we achieve balance where as much CO2 has been removed and put in the garden to increase yields with much less water (50%), allowing the World to continue using fossil energy until we have time to replace "Fossil" fuels.

Even if Humans reduced CO2 emissions to near ZERO, it would still take a long time to remove the CO2 from the Air, ... and the Oceans. Biochar from "emissive" biomass can be scaled up to remove more CO2 than we dig up and burn (historic Carbon). And Remember: "While creating a whole new economy that feeds the World".

Countries and Companies have the opportunity to understand the new paradigm, and show the World how to quickly make Climate a thing of the past while providing Agriculture the tools to feed more people with better food.

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