Full Cycle Carbon Companies:

Protecting Carbon Assets

Conversations with Fossil Energy companies

How can they invest in local and foreign Farming Operations, that benefit from their carbon expertise to produce Biochar for use in Agriculture, with very good ROI (... and FREE Carbon Credits)?

Companies that balance their Carbon Portfolio would have more appeal to shareholders, many of whom are concerned with CO2 fiscal policies (anywhere) that would reduce the long term value of their carbon assets and investment.

Divestment? ... Re-vestment!

Universities and groups divesting from fossil companies can continue to invest in profitable carbon Energy if offered "balanced carbon", offset by sequestering ephemeral biomass as biocarbon.

* In this economic scenario, a Carbon Tax would really be a Stupidity Tax (for failing to get free carbon credits while making extra profits in Agriculture!).

The Carbon Planet

Biochar can bury Carbon faster than we extract fossils. Energy companies that balance their carbon budget would be known as "Full Cycle Carbon" companies (Energy and Soil) and would steal investors from others who do not follow.

Bury biocarbon faster than you can dig up fossil fuels
  • Selling Carbon out-of-the ground (Energy)
  • Selling Carbon back-in-the ground (Biochar)

Selling pre-offset Carbon fuels
Some Fossil Carbon Companies may adopt this new business model, and show their investors how they rake in extra profits while earning FREE Carbon Credits to offset their assets still in the ground.

(see: carbon.farming)

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