Drum Biochar

The Metal Drum (55 gallon drum)

  • metal barrel / drum
  • one stove pipe
  • (see diagram)
  • Cut a hole (size of stove pipe) at each end of the drum.
  • Before pushing the stove pipe into the drum, make many small holes in the pipe with a nail or a drill (up to 1/4" = 0.5cm).
  • Leave the bottom 6-12 inches of the pipe without holes.
  • The holes should be mostly within the bottom half of the drum so that as the fumes from the dry biomass in the drum will be directed to the center and burn within the pipe - further heating the biomass and producing more fumes ...
  • ... eventually the biomass in the drum is charred and no longer produces combustible fumes. The contents of the drum need to be extinguished using water or sand.
  • The gasifier needs starting fire at bottom.
*** Outside Use: Avoid Deadly Carbon Monoxide Fumes ***
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