The Biorefinery / Pyrolysis Plant

The Biorefinery / Pyrolysis Plant

A Biorefinery converts biomass to fuels, power, heat, value-added chemicals from wood chips, agricultural waste, municipal green recycling, grasses, leaves, ...

The biorefinery is like a petroleum refinery, producing multiple fuels and products from biomass instead of petroleum.

How it works:

Biorefineries often begin with a grinder that cuts and mashes biomass into a consistent size.

The biomass is then fed into the gasification chamber, where the gasification process partially combusts "biomass" in an oxygen starved environment, converting it into "syngas" and "biochar". The resulting "syngas" can be burned directly or used in a generator to create electricity.

The "biochar" can then be added to soil where it will retain water and nutrients, serve as a habitat for many beneficial soil micro organisms, and increase agricultural productivity.

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